"Beautiful! Gorgeous! Cuuute! Love those colors!" 
Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m a mosaic artist creating globally-conscious baubles from my home in Boulder, Colorado, for women who share my addiction to rare finds and distinctive things. 
I started making jewelry with leftover pieces of glass. When I inherited my first batch of glass from my jewelry-making mentor, I found I couldn't not make visual art. 
Trained as a musician, I have played viola in the Colorado Symphony for 35 years. My whole life has been music, yet I get so much joy from making things with my hands. 
The urge to create runs through my family, from my grandmother the oil painter, to my grand uncle the illustrator, my mother who paints watercolors and makes batiks, and my sister who teaches art and paints, too. 
It’s like meditation, doing this work. Cutting, sorting, forging… mixing glass and beads, fitting colors and textures to specific dimensions. My pieces take on a life of their own.
I source Roman glass and beads from my travels, gem shows, and families of vendors from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Korea. The glass is what inspires me. When I feel a spark, I know to choose that piece. 
So if you see something that electrifies you, hang onto it.  Be unique, be different, and show who you are!